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ASD-Special Kids- Free Monthly Gratitude Workshop

At Greater Mississauga E2 Young Engineers, we share and organize free monthly workshops for ASD or special needs Kids. We call them Gratitude Workshops! 

Young Engineers programs are specially designed to work on children’s necessities. We conduct workshops aimed to meet the needs of children on the autistic spectrum and other learning difficulties.

Research shows that children with autism can learn and refine their skills by building LEGO®. It has been proven that building LEGO® bricks models strengthens gentle motor skills, planning and working by stages, etc. The colours of the LEGO® bricks and the fun of building, keeps these children engaged and wanting to learn more.

Based on this research, our program is created together with an expert in occupational therapy. This is a revolutionary program and it opens their new world and introduces them to new concepts. The children interact with each other to build the model. This teaches the children teamwork without any pressure, as it’s in a fun and relaxing environment.

The age range is 6 to 14 Years. Please note, this is a Parent-Child workshop, where you will be staying with your child to help. 


Space is limited for 16 kids, so please register ASAP.  

And please register by call or text 1-888-438-7282 or mail neetu@e2youngengineers.com or click here (please choose ‘special needs’ from the drop-down menu)


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  1. I’d like to sign up my 2 kids for the LEGO class

  2. My son is 15 years old … would he be able to attend? (ASD – Monthly Gratitude Workshop March 11).

  3. I’d like to sign my son (Michael) for the April ASD/Gratitude event. Thank you.

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